Day: April 15, 2020

HUBSAN H501S X4 FPV Quadcopter with 1080p Drone Camera Reviews

Hubson H501S X4 5.8G FPV Brushless with 1080p HD Camera GPS RC Drone Quadcopter RTF – White and Gold Mode Switch Professional Version

About Hubson H501S X4

With a 1080p camera, four brushless electric motors, 5.8G real-time video transmission, return-to-home auto navigation and a 20-minute flight time, the Hubson X4 is a step forward in FPV quadcopter drone technology. 1080p hd camera
Built in HD camera is for capturing stunning photos and videos from the sky. Ariel live videos and photos rock your mind.

Automatic return function
The built-in GPS enables the quad copter to enter failsafe mode if the connection to the remote controller is lost. In Felsphe mode, the flight control system will control the quad copter to automatically turn home and land.

Follow me mode

The built-in GPS enables the H501S to fly on its own and carry on its adventure. Just focus on your ac tivities and enjoy the outstanding performance of your personal photographer.

Headless mode

When the drone enters headless mode, the control will set in a direction based on the current path of the quad copter.

Multi-function FPV remote controller FPV2

5.8G real-time video transmission, 4.3 ‘inch LED

High Efficiency Brushless Motor

Each motor is built with superb technology, more powerful and more durable. Accurate and self-contained propellers help for a better and safer flig ht.

time of flight
The large capacity intelligent battery increases the flight time to 20 minutes.

Only accepts microSD cards up to 64GB maximum

Hubson H501S X4 Brushless Drone – ColorMix White + Golden EU Plug

Hubson H501S X4 FPV Quadcopter Review

You may have seen a lot of the design of the Hubson drones by now but today we are going to talk about a new one: The H501S X4 is new in this category. This new design of the drone is a better version of the X4 H107C drone.

This drone is one of Hubson’s best offerings combining all the latest technologies. There are many hidden features that we need to discuss and you will be impressed to get such an amazing feature pack with such a reasonable price tag.

The H501S X4 is designed with a brushless motor and features self-tightening propellers with a 1080 camera that allows first-person viewing. It can last up to 20 minutes with single battery charge. The article below will help you to go through the basic features of the Hubson H501S X4.

Advantage and Disadvantage:


  • This device is built with an accurate GPS module.
  • Poseless has so many interesting features such as Headless Mode, One Key Return, Flow Me, RTH Mode, OSD Live Data and FPO Mode etc.
  • Equipped with an impressive camera unit that provides breathtaking picture quality.
  • Users will love its flight behavior.
  • Follow me mode makes this drone the best choice for selfie photos.
  • It is designed with brushless motors that are powerful and durable enough.
  • The maximum flight time is 20 minutes at a controllable distance of 300 meters.


Its FPV system is considered partially week.
Some users have seen a sudden drop in its height at a rapid pace but this is not a concern.


The Hubson H105S X4 is one of the best drone unit with a reasonable price range. It is simply the best package with all the advanced features including a built in GPS. Even if you are a beginner you will find this drone a good starter.

2. Design:

The Hubson H501S X4 drone falls under the category of small qaudcopters as its maximum size is only 22x22x7cm. This device is made using ABS plastic material which makes it highly durable as well as light weight. This small drone has enough strength to resist against crashes which will definitely make you love its two unique colors: Golden White and Golden Black. The H5021S is designed with a professional like charm where all components are accommodated inside a fully finished frame.

3. Battery Life:

This drone unit has a 2700 mAh LiPo battery with a 7.4 volt rating. It is capable of providing a maximum flight time of 20 minutes. You can recharge it with an EU adapter which takes about an hour to fuel it.

4. Flight Mode:

The H501S X4 product has created a GPS module that assists in advanced flight control. You can enjoy so many features that are enabled by GPS control such as Auto Control Home, Follow Me, Altitude Mode and Headless Mode. Here are some details about each of them:

Auto return home:

Advanced GPS navigation systems enable this device to be brought back home automatically as it can remember that flight is the take-off address. If you lose connection with your drone from the transmitter for any particular reason, the failsafe mode will be turned on automatically and your device will reach a safe home.

Follow me mode:

This is a great option for selfie lovers as it helps them to enable their drone on tracking mode as they keep going to nearby sites.

Altitude Mode:

This mode helps maintain the drone’s specific altitude level according to readings recorded by pre-installed barometers. This will work for rotation as well as horizontal movements.

Headless Mode:

This enabled your drone to operate seamlessly where all forward and backward movements could be easily controlled by early pilots.

5. Transmitter:

The Hubson H501S X4 controller is built with a 4.3 LCD screen and helps users to enjoy FPV camera operation easily. This LCD screen can display all telemetry data for flights. It works on the 5.8 GHz range to send video signals to the microSD card while the controller itself works on the 2.4 GHz frequency range.

6. Brushless Motors:

An interesting thing to know about the Hubson H501S here is its brushless motor design. This motor is powerful enough with durable design so that users can enjoy uninterrupted flights for longer.

7. Camera:

If you are looking for a drone with great camera setup then you will be impressed with the results of the Hubson X4. It captures images with 1080p resolution and live video requires a 5.8 GHz frequency from the controller and you can watch them directly on the 4.3 built into the screen of the controller unit. All photos and videos are saved directly to the microSD card.
The conclusion

The wide range of impressive features listed above are covered in the Hubson H501S X4 review to help buyers make the best decision as to whether it suits their needs. Are you a beginner in the world of drones? Then you may need to learn some strategies before arranging your first flight.

This specially designed drone unit can be a good choice of gift for someone you really love. Update your opinion so that we can discuss what drones are suitable for your general needs. Also, like to bookmark our page so that you can easily go through regular updates about drones and their flight suggestions. Spend great time with your new drone.

Hubson H501S drone review

Hubson H501S Drone Review 2020 – Is the Hubson H501S Quadcopter Worth the Money? Review of features, pricing, flight duration, battery, camera and more.

Hubson has steadily expanded its drone range with improvements in flight capabilities and design quality. Getting your hands on the H501S is a great experience. The product is a solid quadcopter made of a solid material including metal and plastic.

This drone equipped with GPS is controlled by a smartphone or a dedicated remote control and has some of the best flight features of the Hubson stable, including waypoint-guided flight modes and return functions.

The Hubson H501S drone is equipped with GPS, which allows it to handle a wide range of tasks including return to home (RTH), orbit and follow me mode. For these tasks, the drone uses the radio remote control as a reference. In the event of the latter’s failure, the quadrature returns to the coordinates where it was switched on.

Radio control is the real gem of the H501 drone. The H906A model controller is equipped with a three-inch screen. It is equipped with two adjustable antennas, one for the 2.4 GHz frequency for flight control and one for first person view (FPV), which uses 5.8 GHz.

The screen is equipped with a concealed hood which also acts as a protective cover. The H906A remote control has a 2.5 mm video output feature for connecting external monitors or specs. The unit is powered by eight AA batteries but it is advisable to switch to a three-cell LiPo battery.

The commands are configurable via software and you can switch to all known flight modes depending on your piloting experience. The geographic coordinates shown on the screen allow you to find a drone in the event of an accident or loss of battery power. Simply enter the coordinates on Google Maps to get the final status of your Hubson H501 drone.

The drone is powered by simple and inexpensive two-cell LiPo batteries that come with a proprietary jack. It is advisable to use a non-original battery as there is a discharge current of 10c supplied, which is insufficient for this model. When the voltage reaches 7 volts, the battery cannot handle the operation of the drone. Therefore, there is a need to replace the connector with a common standard.

The camera, which is located at the front, can capture quality photos and HD video. The quality of the photos is more than decent. However, this drone comes with gimbal or any other type of stabilization. When the device is stationary with the lights behind it, the shot quality is optimal.


– Headless Mode
– HD 1080p camera
– FPV (see first person)
– GPS Positioning System
– Horizontal and vertical stabilization
– Return to home mode
– Altimeter
– follow me mode
PRO and CONs listings

The pros

– an advanced remote controller
– HD Video
– Brushless motors ensure durability
– Positioning system allows retrieval of drone in the event of an accident


– Comes with No Gimbal

customer review

The majority of user reviews included online on Amazon show that customers appreciate the features and performance of the Hubson H501S. The remote controller has been chosen as the best feature on this drone. Overall, customers agree that the Hubson H501S drone offers a good price to quality ratio.

Comparison of drones

The Hubson H501S radio remote control undoubtedly deserves praise. It is a true masterpiece with a professional and gritty appearance. In the center, you find the heart of the controller: a color LCD screen on which you can receive FPV video broadcasts in real time. It also facilitates telemetry with all flight parameters, GPS position, battery charge status and other useful parameters before and during the flight.

On the edges of the screen, you will find two levers to control the drone, which can be set in one of two modes. By default, radio control mode is set to 2, which is especially ideal for most tasks. Depending on the radio control, you’ll get a micro USB port to connect the firmware and video output feature to external specs or screens.

The Hubson H109S X4 Pro, on the other hand, is one of the best drones in the Hubson family. It can handle GPS flight with 1080p video capture, live video streaming, return and tracking features. This quadcopter is a fair competitor of Phantom 3.

The MJX Bugs 3 Mini has a relatively short flight time. For the Hubson H501S drone, flight time with the included battery is about 15–20 minutes depending on usage.

The Bugs 3 Mini Drone arrives without a camera. It is also an advantage in some ways as it has allowed the MJX to reduce costs and not force pilots. The devices allow users to attach their own action cameras.

final thoughts

The initial setup is simple. Once the drone and remote control are turned on, they will be added automatically. You can then follow the instructions on the radio control screen. Thus, to leave the drone stationary it is necessary to rotate it horizontally and vertically to adjust the gyroscope and position the compass on the board.

Even if you can fly in headless mode, the advice is to rely on flashing green and pink LEDs on the arms legs to understand the direction of flight. These are bright LEDs that are clearly visible from afar, especially at night.

As always, especially for beginners, the advice is to start by disabling Expert Mode, then eventually configure it when you have gained enough confidence. When piloted in GPS Assisted Mode, the drone can reach speeds of 5 mph (18 km / h), disabling GPS allows you to accelerate it to 23 m / s (82 km / h) . However, it is not advisable to reach this limit, you will risk losing control easily and crashing the drone.

The Hubson H501S drone is a really good, affordable drone. Being an entry-level model, it is ideal for anyone exploring the world of drones for the first time.