Christmas in Barcelona in 2018 | Christmas markets, events & traditions

Christmas in Barcelona in 2018 | Christmas markets, events & traditions

What is Barcelona going for the Christmas tourists? What to do in the Christmas season in Barcelona, Spain Barcelona includes Christmas fairs, Christmas markets, concerts, congenital scenes, a circus, and theme parks, among which there are many things in Christmas among many festivals for families and children.

All updated through December 2018

Barcelona is also an ideal city for Christmas shopping. Read more about the events and traditions of Barcelona Christmas and you may also be interested in wearing Barcelona in Barcelona and Christmas season in December.

In Catalan language, we say that ‘Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’ is like this: ‘Bon Nadal I Felicia no no’ and in the Spanish language (Castellano), we say ‘Feliz Nevada Y Prospero Ano Nuevo’.

Welcome to our complete guide to Barcelona Christmas. On this page, you can find dates, times, maps and suggestions about the most popular Barcelona Christmas traditions, Christmas markets and New Year’s traditions and events.

Spanish and Catalan people celebrate Barcelona Christmas with their special traditions and customs, which ends on January 6, which is three King’s Day (Epiphany).

In Barcelona and Spain, we celebrate Christmas Day with Christmas lunch (El Diya de Nadal / El Diya Di Navadad). The largest Christmas festival takes place on 5th and 6th January when three kings (Treas Reese Mags) come with gifts for children.


Guide to Barcelona Christmas Traditions

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  • Christmas lights and trees
  • Christmas Weather Barcelona
  • Christmas market Barcelona
  • Christmas food
  • La Mischa del Gallo – midnight mass
  • Reyes Magos Parade Barcelona
  • El Paisner / Belen – Cradle Birthview View
  • El Cagner – ‘Christmas Crapper’
  • Teo de Nadal – Christmas log
  • L Home Dell Nassos – The Nose Man
  • Barcelona New Year Traditions
  • Metro timetable Christmas and New Year
  • Sports organizing Christmas

Christmas concert

Barcelona also includes several classical, gospel and ballet performances, including the 2018 Christmas concert in Palau de la Music Concert Hall and the Barcelona 2018 Christmas Gala concert.

For other Barcelona, Christmas Concert goes to concert halls at the Palau de la Music and Liceu Opera House and concert programs at Ticketmaster concert in Barcelona in December 2017.

On the eve of Christmas, you can take part in the midnight mass at the majestic Gothic Basilica Santa Maria del Mar, where before midnight you can listen to singing ‘El Cant de la Cibilasella’.

Christmas Activities

There is the 2018 Santa Claus Christmas Program in the Poble Espanyol Spanish Village on the Montjuic hill from 6th to 9th December 2018 in Pobl. Espanyol. Barcelona’s central square Plaça de Catalunya organizes a durable Christmas festival from December 22 to January 4.

On September 17, at 6 o’clock in the street, E.V. Santa Claus is a Christmas parade on the streets of Saint Nebraska. The road to Madrid with Carr de Santos on the Carrier de Moines road.

Circus Circle Ralu Circle Ralu is the Christmas tradition of Barcelona. Raul Circus is in Barcelona every year from the middle of December on the north end of the Mall de la Festa (wood jetty) in Port Vell Marina. Circle Ralu is both a historic travel circus and a traveling museum of the old circus caravan.

Port Aventura theme park. PortAventura is a great theme adventure park located 1 hour south of Barcelona, which also has Ferrari Land. Port Aventura has become the Christmas Wonderland from November to January 8 and there is a festive experience for children during the Christmas Christmas tour.

Port Aventura has a complete program of traditional décor and Christmas packages, activities and events, including ice shows, Christmas festivals, and Christmas parades, special Christmas menus, and special events. You can go to both the parks on a 1-day bus trip from Barcelona. Visit our Barcelona program calendar to discover our top challenges for Christmas concerts and events.

Barcelona Christmas Market Tour

Christmas lights and trees

Barcelona Christmas lights are called ‘Els Plums de Nadal’. Christmas starts in Barcelona when Christmas lights are started every year. Barcelona’s Christmas lights are switched to late November (November 22, 2018) and last until January 6. There are approximately 400 places and Christmas lights to cover the total distance of 100 km.

The spectacular Montjuic Magic Fountain is also part of Barcelona Christmas lights with a special Christmas water and music show between Friday and Saturday between 19:00 and 21:00 in the beginning of December and early January. Remember warmly prepared!

There is a large Christmas tree in Barcelona on the Port del Angel Street near Plaça Catalunya and a large tree on Plaça de Saint Jam in the Gothic region. Plaka de Sant Jaume also hosts the official Christmas Birthdate View, which changes every year.

Christmas Weather Barcelona

What is the weather like Christmas in Barcelona? What should you wear in Barcelona in December? Check out our guide to wearing in Barcelona in December. It is usually cool in the evening but can be hot and pleasant during the day.

Generally, the mid-day air temperature in the shade in December is around 15C / 57F degree and in the evening it falls from 6 to 10C / 42F to 50F. So pack a sweater, scarf and winter jacket for the evening.

Generally, we will describe Barcelona’s December Christmas as chilies, crisp and clearly as perfect for Christmas shopping. Is it snow ever in Barcelona? Not often. Barcelona sprays the ice once a year because you can see on these pictures of Barcelona snow, but the chances of snow or white Christmas in Barcelona are very thin at Christmas.

If you want to see the snow, why not visit Andorra in the Pyrenees Mountains near Barcelona. Skiing stations open near Barcelona in December.

Christmas shopping Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the top European cities for shopping and Barcelona’s Christmas shopping closes at the end of November with the entire city in Black Friday – and with Christmas Barcelona Nightclubs shopping and top shopping streets on Passeig de Gracia.

There are some Christmas shopping days on Sunday in Barcelona and some public holidays in December. Shops themselves choose if they want to be open on public holidays and Sunday in December.

Shops and shopping malls in many Barcelona city center in Barcelona will be open on public holidays on December 6 and December 8 and as part of the Barcelona Christmas Shopping Season, many large stores will be open all Sunday in December.

Barcelona Christmas Market 2018

Shopping 24th, 25th, and 26th December

Some shops will open all day on December 24 and only half a day will open on December 24. Barcelona’s shops are generally closed on public holidays, which means that shops in Barcelona on Christmas Day 25 December and Boxing Day are closed on December 26. There are two Barcelona Outlet malls outside the city, which are open in a few days during Christmas. See our guide to Barcelona shopping areas and roads.

Christmas market

There are many Christmas markets and many Christmas markets during December in the old city of Barcelona. Barcelona is the oldest, largest and most traditional of Christmas markets in Spanish ‘Feria de Santa Lucia’ in the Gothic region on the Avenida de la Central in front of Barcelona Cathedral in Barcelona’s Gothic region.

The oldest recorded Christmas market here was in 1786, which made the 231st edition in 2017. There are about 300 market stalls selling Christmas decorations and gifts in the small streets by Avenida de la Cathedral and the Cathedral. Most stalls sell ‘figures de Belen’, which are small figures that you can buy to create your own cradle scene called ‘paysebrace’.

  • Fira de Santa Lucia
  • St. Lucia Christmas Market
  • Event dates: 30 November to 23 December 2018
  • Opening hours: Daily is open from 10.30 to 22.30.
  • Place: Avenida de la Cadetral in the Gothic area

Fira de Santa Lucia is Barcelona’s largest Christmas market and is located in front of Barcelona’s Cathedral in the Gothic Quarter.

On special days Saturday 15/12 festival Diada De Lace traditions include Nadalenx, which includes Christmas chases – ‘Carissa de Nadal de Barcelona’ and extra Christmas activities for children, including Christmas concerts. From the end of November, there are special ‘Teio gegant’ activities for children. December 13 ‘Dea de Santa Lucia’ – St. Lucy’s.

  • Fira de Nadal a la Sagrada Família
  • Event date: November to December 23, 2018
  • Daily 10:00 to 22:00 at the time of the incident
  • Event Venue: Sagrada Familia Church in Barcelona’s Eixample Area

Fira de Nadal A La Sagrada Família. Christmas market in Sagrada Familia church The traditional Christmas market with 120 stalls in La Sagrada Familia Church in Barcelona’s Eixample area. From 18 to 20.00 on Saturday, Santa Claus touches children’s letters and handles balloons and cookies.

Barcelona Christmas meal

Food traditions What do they eat at Christmas in Barcelona Spain? A typical Christmas dish is ‘Escudella I Carna de Ola’. This is a delicious bowl (escudella means bowl) of pasta shells in meat and vegetable stew or soup. Another typical Catalan Christmas dish is a delicious ‘Carn de Ola’ which is a stuffed caps or turkey meat dish.

There is a special Christmas dessert ‘Turon’ in Spain and Barcelona, which is on sale in Christmas markets and supermarket in Barcelona.

Traditional turrón is nougat made with almonds, hazelnut, and honey. Turrón now comes in many tasty varieties. The Christmas bread in Catalonia is called ‘El Pad de Nadal’ and is sold in bakery and supermarket in Barcelona.


Not all Barcelona restaurants are open in Christmas. Generally, large restaurants and hotel restaurants are open for Christmas, but to avoid disappointment, we recommend that you make a reservation.

Midnight on Christmas Eve

Midnight Mass is commended on Christmas Eve in Barcelona. The Church’s ringer stresses called the family widely called ‘La Mischa del Gallo’ – the Roster Mass.

This name comes from the belief that at the time of birth of Jesus, a roster cross was on Christmas Eve. Midnight Mass is an attractive service.

You can participate in many churches of Barcelona on the eve of Christmas on the Midnight Mass. One of the best Basilicata the Gothic Santa Maria del Mar church where you can hear 5 minutes ‘El ccartedeal Cibilena’ before midnight.

In Benedictine Monastery situated on the cliffs of the Montserrat mountain range, there is another lovely Christmas Eve mass in 40-mile north-west of Barcelona on the Montserrat mountain in Basilica de Montserrat. In Montserrat Christmas midnight mass, you can hear the Angelic sounds of the choir of Europe’s oldest boys, which are called El Chelonia de Montserrat.

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