What is the importance of Bhai Dooj? and How to celebrate Bhai dooj?

What is the importance of Bhai Dooj? and How to celebrate Bhai dooj?

Bhai Dooj 9 November 2018, Friday

Bhai Dooj has a greater significance as it symbolizes the beautiful bond of a sister and brother. It is celebrated in almost every state, with a different name. On an auspicious day, sisters pray to God to bless their brothers and protect them from all the troubles.

Bhai Dooj is celebrated in India on the second moon day of the Shukla Paksha (bright fortnight) of Kartika month of Vikram Samvat Hindu calendar. This occasion falls on the last day of the five days of Diwali festival. For the year 2018, the current date of Brother Dosage is 9th November which is Friday.

How To Celebrate Bhai Dooj 2018 on Friday, 09th November

Bhai Dooj or Bhaiya Dooj 2018, the festival celebrated after one day of the grand Diwali festival is like the festival of Raksha Bandhan, which strengthens the brother’s sister bond.

It is one of the auspicious and very popular Indian festivals that is celebrated throughout India with full enthusiasm. For each brother and sister, Bhai Dooj wishes and festival gives the opportunity to celebrate the celebration day celebrating its bond of love and care as well as following the auspicious rituals.

Best of Bhai Dooj festival

The most important ritual of Bhai Dooj festival is the Aarti and Tika Festival. Bhai Dooj Images, first on the day of his sister, perform a ritual of his brother with the holy brother and ticks on his forehead and then he prays to God for his long and healthy life.

It is a way of expressing care and love to a brother by a sister. In return, sisters get a symbol of love for their brothers. This is a Bhai Dooj Quotes gift.

In this way, every Bhai and Sister of India is celebrated with a wonderful festival of Bhai Dooj in India. To know more about the festival of Brother Dooj, get the best description of this auspicious festival on this website.

Bhai Dooj Festival Outside India

The festival of Bhai Dooj is celebrated by the Hindus of Nepal, where it is known as Bhai Tika. The occasion of Bhai Tika or Kiya worship is celebrated on the fifth day of Tihar festival which is equivalent to the Diwali festival of India. According to the Vikram Samvat calendar, every year Karthik Tukiya falls on the Dattiya of Kartik Sukala Party.

bhai dooj festival

Happy Hour of Brother/Bhai Dooj Festival 2018

According to Hindu mythology and astrology, it plays an important role in the time of celebration of any special occasion. To get the blessings of the Gods and Goddesses, people celebrate special days on the appropriate time to remove the effects of evil and negative power.

For the occasion of celebrating an opportunity, this is the proper time of the Panchang, old Hindu Calendar, which is based on Vikram Samvat Yuga. Here are the important details related to special occasions, as shown below:

  • Auspicious time to celebrate Bhai Dooj 2018!
  • Auspicious for Brother Duj Festival 13:10 to 15:27
  • Total duration for brother Dooj ceremony 2 hours 17 minutes
  • The second tithi starts on 08 November 2018 at 22:37
  • Dita Tithi ends on November 9, 2018, at 22:50

Bhai Dooj

Bhai Dooj 2018

Bhai Dooj will be celebrated on Friday in India on November 2018.

Brother Dooj is India’s most prominent and great festival when sisters pray to God for their dear brothers so that they can get a living and prosperous life for a long time. Sisters celebrate Pooja and Tik festival and withdraw gifts from the brothers.

It is also known in various places in India as Bhai Dooj (in Goa, Maharashtra, and Karnataka), Bhai Tik (in Nepal), Bhathru Diophiaia, Bho-Dij, Bhai Photo (in Bengal) and Ningol Chakuba (in Manipur) is.

This is the most celebrated festival in India, which is celebrated after two days of its main Diwali festival. According to the Gregorian calendar, this falls on the second day of the Shukla party in Kartika (between October and November).

All the sisters awakened very early in the morning, worshiping and praying of God and Goddesses for the better future and the health of their brothers.

After worship ritual ceremony, put Vermilion, Yoghurt, and rice on their foreheads, including hinges. After this ceremony, they offer arati and offer sweet and glass water to eat and drink. In the end, they exchange gifts and take blessings by touching the stages of the elderly.

It is celebrated even outside the country. It is like the Raksha Bandhan festival to increase the bondage of love between brothers and sisters.

On this auspicious day, the sisters have prayed to God for the welfare and welfare of their special brothers, while the brothers provide gifts according to their strength to take care of their lovers and lovers. There are the diversity of stories and legends which are related to the origin and celebration of this special occasion.


History of Bhai Dooj

According to Hindu mythology, it is believed that the god of death, Yamraj had visited his beloved sister named Yami (Yamuna) on this special day. His sister welcomed him with the Aarti and Tilak ceremony.

He offered a rosary and special dishes including dessert to eat it. He had returned a unique gift to his sister as a symbol of her love and care towards her sister. On that day Yama Raj had announced that the brother who received Tilak and Aarti by his sister would never be afraid. This is why that day is called Yum Ditia.

According to another story, Hindu Lord Krishna had returned to his sister Subhadra after the assassination of King Krishna Narkasur, where his sister greeted with tilak, aarti, desserts, and flowers.
How to celebrate Bhai Dooj.

The sisters requested their brothers to come to their home to celebrate their festivals with their favorite dishes. Sisters, on this day, pray to God that they should be protected from all the problems and bad luck of their brothers. However, the brothers follow their responsibilities towards their loving and caring sisters.

Sisters make a seat from the rice flour to sit for their Bhai Dooj and sit on it. They worship rice and Sindhur paste and worship the brother’s hands. Then, the sister provides pumpkin, betel leaves, belt nut and a flower of coin in her brother’s palms.

By pouring water on the palm, sisters chant spells. The application of Kalva, Tilak, and Aarti is performed in the hand. The sisters burned a lamp facing south direction. It is believed that, in order to fulfill the wishes of God for the longevity of brother, it is very fortunate to see the flying kite in the sky.

Happy Bhai Dooj


In some parts of India like Haryana, Maharashtra, where festivals are celebrated, the sister without brother (who has no brother) celebrates the special occasion by worshiping Lord Moon instead of brother. Sisters today implemented Mehndi as her tradition and tradition on her own.

Sisters who are far away from their brothers, Lord pray for the Moon, take aarti for happiness and prosperity in the lives of their brothers. Whereas, brothers send return gifts and love to their sisters via email, post or other mediums. This is the reason that all the children call the Moon in the name of the moonlight.

Importance of Bhai Dooj

People of Haryana, Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Goa celebrate this festival with great passion and fun. This is the time when brothers and sisters miss their responsibilities for each other.

It reconnects and renews the relationship and love of the brothers and sisters and renews when all members of the family meet to celebrate it. There is a sweet dish in Maharashtra which is known as Burundi Poor or Khearni Poor.

This festival brings many happiness, affection, and warmth between the relationship between brother and sister.

This festival is a way of presenting the love and care of brothers and sisters in front of each other. Five belt nuts and betel leaves are kept by their sisters near their brother. Prayers are done by the sisters by pouring water on their hands.

oil lamp or diya with crackers, sweet or mithai, dry fruits, indian currency notes, marigold flower and statue of Goddess Laxmi on diwali night

When is Diwali 2018? Know the dates of Dhanteras, Deepawali, Bhai Dooj

The festival actually lasts for five days, before and after its importance as per Hindu culture.

Diwali, the celebration of light, is one of the largest festivals in India and is celebrated every year in October or November on the basis of the moon’s cycle. It is celebrated on the 15th day of Kartik, the most sacred month in the Hindu calendar.

Also known as Deepawali, Diwali is celebrated all over India when people celebrate the night with Rangoli artifacts and light mud lamps to decorate their home. Firecrackers highlight the night sky and sweets and gifts are exchanged.

According to the Hindu tradition, Diwali festival symbolizes the return of Lord Rama in Ayodhya with 14 years of exile and a decisive battle after the devil Ravana, along with wife Sita and Bhai Lakshman. On this day, Lord Ganesha is worshiped for welfare and prosperity and Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped for money and knowledge.

This year, Diwali or Deepawali will be celebrated on Wednesday, November 7th. While the main festival is celebrated on Kartik Amavasya, Diwali sees two important days in which it runs. The festival actually lasts for five days, before and after its importance as per Hindu culture.

bhai dooj

November 5, 2018 (Monday): Dhanteras

‘Wealth’ means wealth, and ‘thy’ means the 13th day of the moon fortnight. On this day, Goddess Lakshmi is welcomed in homes and gold or silver is bought as a symbol of prosperity.

November 6, 2018 (Tuesday): Naraka Chaturdashi or small Diwali

It is believed that Lord Krishna and Goddess Kali destroyed the demon Narkasur on this day.

November 7, 2018 (Wednesday): Diwali

The celebration is always celebrated on the new moon of the month of Kartik (no-moon night). On this day Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi are worshiped, and in the evening a special puja is performed. West Bengal celebrates Kali worship this day, although the date can change according to the lunar calendar.

November 8, 2018 (Thursday): Govardhan Pooja

In North India, Govardhan Puja is celebrated so that Lord Krishna can conquer the god Indra of rain and thunder. Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu on this day demon king Bali to celebrate the victory of Lord Vishnu, whom they see as the Bali Pratipada or Bali Padyami. In Gujarat, the day is celebrated as the beginning of its New Year.

best festival of bhai dooj festival

9th November 2018 (Friday): Brother Dooj or Bhai Dooj

Sisters put a tilak on their foreheads and prayed for their long life. Like Raksha Bandhan, Brother Dosha is dedicated to the shared bond between a brother and sister.

Bhai Dooj or Bhaiya Dooj is a Hindu festival which is celebrated by all women praying for the long life of their brothers and in return gifts are received. The festival is celebrated on the last day of Diwali festival of 5 days which is the second day of the bright month fortnight or Shukla party in Kartik in the Hindu month.

Legend has it that according to Hindu mythology, after defeating the evil monsters Naraka, Lord Krishna paid to visit his sister Subhadra who welcomed them warmly with sweets and flowers. He made tilak with affection on Krishna’s forehead.

It is believed by some that it is the origin of the festival. However, the legend is that on this special day, Yama, the god of death visited his sister, Yami. He put a tilak on his brother Yama’s forehead, planted a garland and fed him special dishes that he cooked himself.

Since they were meeting with each other long, so they dined together and talked to each other about their heart’s content.

He also shared gifts with each other and Yami made gifts with his hands. Yama then announced that anyone who receives Tilak from this sister from her sister will enjoy long life and prosperity. Based on this, Bhai Dooj is also known as Yum Dita.

Bhai Dooj is celebrated by the brothers by the invitations of the brothers, especially for the great food, which includes their most dishes. The ceremony is about the brother’s responsibility to protect his sister with the blessings of the sister.

perfect of best festival of bhai dooj

This is a very celebrated festival where sisters make sure to arrange their aarti and apply a red sticker on their foreheads. On the occasion of Bhai Dooj, the hinge ceremony shows sister’s prayers for the long brother and the rich accumulation of his brother. In return, the brother gives gifts which may also be in the form of monetary terms.

In some parts of India, the women who do not have a worship of a brother are Lord Moon. As a tradition, they apply Mahendi (henna) on their hands as a tradition. At various places, Bhai Dooj festival is celebrated in various ways. In Haryana, Bhai Dooj Image or photo is celebrated with high energy and enthusiasm.

During the ceremony, many rituals have been organized, including a grand feast for the brothers. On this special day, the brothers go to their sister’s house and the ceremony starts with Aarti. A tradition is followed on Bhai Dooj where coconut is also worshiped and sister is presented to the brother.

Then the sister goes ahead to apply the tilak on her brother’s forehead and feed her handmade delicious savories. He also blesses his brother for a long and satisfying life. As mentioned earlier, gifts are exchanged between brothers and sisters.

This festival is similar to the festival of Raksha Bandhan. The festival of Bhai Dooj gives family members and relatives an opportunity to meet each other and spend some good time together with their heart’s content.

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