Govardhan Puja is celebrated after Diwali One Day in Hindu

Govardhan Puja is celebrated after Diwali One Day in Hindu

Govardhan Puja 2018: Proposal, importance, worship time, and offerings in Govardhan Puja

Govardhan Puja is celebrated after Diwali one day. This year Govardhan Puja falls on November 8, 2018.

The quick festival of light is just around the corner. The sweet shops are full of traditional favorites, and marketplaces are full of celebration of all things. From angel lights to fancy Diwali hampers, the preparation of Diwali has really started completely, and we can hardly add our excitement.

This year Diwali festival will be celebrated on November 7, 2018. Diwali occurs after the first and the number of festivals. Govardhan Puja is celebrated after Diwali one day. This year Govardhan Puja falls on November 8, 2018.

Festivals are celebrated with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm among the Hindu families, especially those people who are great followers of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna is also called Govardhan Dhari. Pooja is associated with Krishna’s great legend and Govardhan Mountain. Here worship is celebrated.

Govardhan Puja diwali festival

Govardhan Pooja 2018: Govardhan Pooja Date and Time

Govardhan Puja is also called as Annikoot Puja by the devotees.

This year, Govardhan Puja will be celebrated on November 8, 2018.

Govardhan Puja Pratakal Muhurat = 6:45 AM to 08:57 AM
Govardhan Pooja Samyakal Muhurat = 3:32 pm 5:43 pm
Pratipada starts on 7th / 7th November / 2018 at 9:31
Antipathy Teeth Ends = 9:07 pm on 8 / November / 2018 (Source:

Govardhan Puja 2018: The Importance and History of Govardhan Puja or Anakut Puja

According to the scriptures, the people of Vrindavan provided grand food for the god of Indra-rain and the storm, to ensure that they bless them with rain and the good harvest in time. Small Krishna got the practice of being very tough for small farmers and convinced them to make these senses to Lord Indra and instead feed their families. Not finding his ritualistic proposals, Indra sent rains and storms in anger in Vrindavan. The rain continued.

Fearful of their lives, the villagers approached Krishna for help, who asked everyone to go to the Govardhan hill. Once there, he picked up the entire mountain with his little finger, people walking down the hill to take shelter from the storm.

Naraka Chaturdashi


Krishna was standing there for seven days, holding the mountain on his little finger without moving without moving. Eventually, Indra fell on Krishna’s power and had to stop the rain. Post this episode, women of Vrindavan cook 56 recipes for Krishna.

It is said that Krishna took 8 food a day. Since she was standing alone for seven days of food, the women decided to make it with a grand favorite (with a meal that included 56 pieces such as halwa, Lados, Mishari, and Peda).

On this auspicious day, many pilgrims go to the Govardhan hill and present food and food to Lord Krishna. Those who can not go to the Govardhan hill, offer them 56 commodities in their homes. Gods celebrated Govardhan Puja by offering Lord Krishna a mountain of food called Annakoot.

Some of the common things found in the consumption of milk include Makhan Mishari, Kher, Rashgulla, Jera laddoo, jalebi, Rabari, Mathri, Malpua, Mohan bog, chutney, marmalade, greens, curd, rice, lentil, Kadhi, Gavar, Chila, Mong Dal Pudding, Pacoda, Khachi etc.

To represent Govardhan Mountain, there is also a common ritual to make the small diversion of cow dung, which is beautifully decorated with flowers.


Govardhan Pooja

Bally antitrust or Govardhan Puja (Annakta Puja) is held in the month of Kartik, one day after the main Diwali. This day is celebrated by the Hindus because Lord Krishna defeated Lord Indra. Sometimes there may be a difference between Diwali and Govardhan Pooja. In order to offer Hindu God Krishna, people celebrate Govardhan worship by feeding grains like wheat, rice, grams of flour and leafy vegetables.

Govardhan Pooja 2018

Govardhan Puja 2018 will be celebrated by people all over India on Thursday 8th November. Govardhan Pooja is being celebrated

At some places in India like Maharashtra, it is celebrated as Bali Pratipada or Bali Padava. This demon king is celebrated in connection with the victory of Vaman (the incarnation of Lord Vishnu) on Bali. It is believed that King Bali was called to be very powerful by Lord Vamana.

Anywhere on this day, the Shukla side of Kartik’s month is celebrated as the New Year’s day by the Gujarati in Pratipada.

Govardhan Puja


Legends of Govardhan Pooja

Govardhan Puja is celebrated to celebrate the history of the Govardhan mountain, through which many lives are saved from the severe rain. It is believed that the people of Gokul used to worship Lord Indra, which was also known as the god of rain.

But Lord Krishna had to change this opinion of Gokul’s people. He said that you should worship all the Annakuta hill or Govardhan Mountains because it is the real God who is feeding and sheltering your life with harsh conditions by giving you food and shelter.

Therefore, he started worshiping that mountain in place of Lord Indra. Seeing this, Indra got angry and Gokul was getting very rains. In the end, Lord Krishna saved his life by lifting Govardhan hill on his little finger and covered the people of Gokul under it. In this way, proud Indra was defeated by Lord Krishna. Now, to pay homage to Govardhan Puja, it is celebrated as Govardhan Pooja. The Govardhan Puja festival is also being celebrated as Anakut.

This day is also celebrated in Maharashtra as Padva or Bali Pratipada because it is believed that the demon king Bali was defeated and Lord Vishnu had pushed Paltals into the form of Lord Vishnu (incarnation of Lord Vishnu).

govardhan Puja

How to celebrate Anakut or Govardhan Puja

People of Gokul and Mathura celebrate this festival very enthusiastically and happily. People make rounds, which are also called Parikrama (which begins with the bath in Mansi Ganga and worship of Manasi Devi, Haridava and Brahma Swivel. There are about eleven seals on the way of Govardhan Parikrama, which has its special significance for Govardhan ) Pahadi and Pooja Pooja

People make a form of Govardhan Stari ji through a heap of cow dung, to decorate it with the mountains of food and flowers and worship. Annakoot means that people make different pleasures to present Lord Krishna. The idols of God are bathed in milk and worn with new clothes as well as jewelry. Then worship is done through traditional prayers, indulgence, and arti.

It is celebrated throughout India by decorating the temples of Lord Krishna and distributing many events and distributing among the people among worship foods. People get the blessings of Lord Krishna by having their offerings and touching their heads at Lord’s feet.

Importance of Govardhan Puja

People worship Anarkut (various types of food) and on singing and dance through Govardhan mountain. They believe that the mountain is their real god, he provides the way to live life, provides shelter in severe conditions and saves his life.

Celebrating Govardhan Puja with great joy every year, there are different customs and traditions. People worship Lord Krishna on this special day so that they can celebrate the victory of God on evil power. People worship Goverdhan Mountain in confidence that they will be protected from this mountain and they will always get the source of life.

People bath their cows and bulls in the morning and decorate with saffron and garland etc. They make piles of cow dung and worship with cracking enthusiasm, serving cracking, potash, garland, sweet and delicious food. They prepare Chhapan gains (i.e. 56 items) or 108 food items to offer to God during worship.

Govardhan Parabur Peacock is like a shape which can be described; Radha Kunda and Ciama make swindle eyes, Dan valley builds the neck, mouth makes mouth and Punch make back tail feathers. It is believed that due to the curse of Pulasthi Muni, the height of this mountain is decreasing day by day (the mustard seeds).

Once, in the true age, Pulestya went to Muni Dronakala (King of the Mountains) and requested for the name of his son Govardhan. The king was very disappointed and appealed to Muni that he could not disintegrate with his son. Eventually, his son was sent in the circumstances with Muni that if he descends, he will be there.

By the way, Muni kept him down while passing through the baraja mandala to answer the call of nature. After coming back he found that he could not take Govardhana from that place. Then he got angry and slowly cursed Govardhan to reduce the size. It was about 64 miles long and 40 miles wide, 16 miles high and now is only made up of 80 feet.4

Bhopal: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and his wife during Govardhan puja in Bhopal on Nov 11, 2015. (Photo: IANS)

2018 Govardhan Pooja, Anakuta Puja

Most of the time, Govardhan Puja Diwas falls the next day after Diwali Pooja and it is celebrated as the day when Lord Krishna defeated Lord Indra. Sometimes there may be a difference between Diwali and Govardhan Pooja.

In the religious texts, the Govardhan Puja Festival is recommended during the Kathik month Pratipada Tithi. Based on the initial time of antipatada, the Govardhan Puja Diwas may fall on the Hindu calendar on the new moon day a day before tomorrow.

Govardhan Puja is also called Ananta Puja. On this day food made from cereals made of wheat, rice, cereal flour, and leafy vegetables is cooked and given to Lord Krishna.

In Maharashtra, on the same day, Bali Pratipada or Bali is celebrated as Padava. This day celebrates the victory of Lord Vishnu on the King Baali and the victory of Vamana to push Patal Lok (Underworld) after Bali. It is believed that due to boon by Lord Vaman, Asur king Bali, on this day, from Patiala people travel to earth folk.

Most of the time, the Govardhan Puja day coincides with the days of Gujarati New Year, which is celebrated on the Shukla side of the month of Kartik. Govardhan Puja ceremony could be done a day before the Gujarati New Year, on the basis of the initial time of Pratipada Teeth.

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