Kut Festival, Chapchar Kut of Manipur | Festivals of Northeast India

Kut Festival, Chapchar Kut of Manipur | Festivals of Northeast India

Kut Festival of Manipur Kut Mahotsav

Manipur is the land of festivals, fun, and herds that runs throughout the year. Manipur is always walking around the cycle of many festivals.

The celebrations of Manipur venture their social, social and religious yearnings. These celebrations are ideal for evacuating the solidarity of life and helping individuals to lead an entire and better life. Hindus living in Manipur observed New Year in the second seven day stretch of April.

Chapchar Kut

Details of Kut Festival:

Kut Festival is the autumn festival of different tribes of the Cookie-Chin-Mizo groups of people of Manipur. Among the various tribes, the festival has been described at different places in the form of Chavang-kut or Khudau. This is a happy opportunity for the villagers who have a huge reservoir of food after one year of hard work.

Coot Festival is a Thanksgiving festival that includes songs and dances with Merrymaking. Festivals are celebrated every year in an abundance of respect to the donor of the crop. Like a kut festival, every year a harvest season festival is celebrated in the state of Punjab.

This festival is celebrated every year on the first day of Baisakh. At this time of year, the entire crop is collected and the farmer is excited for his hard work throughout the year. The Basil festival and festival are an expression of prosperity and hence are enjoyed with singing and dance.

Kut Festival in Manipur

Coot Festival, Cookie, Chin, and Mizo People. Manipur

Kut is the autumn festival of various tribes of Kuki-Chin-Mizo groups of Manipur. This festival has also been described as Chavang-kut or Khudau in various places among different tribes. It is a happy opportunity for villagers to celebrate their food stores a year after hard labor.

The festival is celebrated with a Thanksgiving feast, in which the abundance of the crop is added with songs and dance in honor of the crop. People of the Cookie-Chin-Mizo community thank God for giving them a good harvest during the Kut festival.

This festival is celebrated every year on November 1. During this time of year, harvesting of complete harvesting is done and the farmer fully celebrates it in the fulfillment of his hard work throughout the year.

Visitors and local visitors can learn about the culture and can enjoy exotic tribal dishes during Kut Fiesta. Kut festival is marked with the joke; Meal and fun during the barn festival

Festivals in Kut are with traditional folk songs and dance and the original tribes of Manipur are included in the merimimaking. Folk dance and music are performed to celebrate the occasion of special festivals of Kut. Festival in Kut gives relief from the stress and strains of daily agricultural life to the people.

The celebration additionally denotes the utilization of customary society instruments. People move and music mirrors the interesting social examples and ways of life of the clans. Neighborhood clans of Manipur make their homes spotless and white to welcome the celebration in their homes.

Thalfavang Kut

Manipura’s Kut Festival

Koot Festival is the premiere festival of the Cookie-Chin-Mizo Group of Manipur. Also known as “Chong Kut”, it is one of the main festivals of Manipur and it is celebrated with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm. It is celebrated on 1st November every year with the first incident in the whole state. Manipur Rifles

Coot Festival is an autumn festival and marks the end of the harvest season. It is also thanks and prayers are prayed for a big harvest season and the prosperity of the people. Performance and performance of rich cultural traditions and mark making kit is an important part of the festival.

Miss Kut, one of the main highlights of the Coot Festival, is a beautiful page, which is organized for the first time in the BN during this festival. Manipur Rifles Parade Land Kut is the festival of soil making and people together with the festival, drink, sing and dance. This is a celebration of life.

The festival of kut is very important as it has been highlighted on a stage for the use of peace and harmony between the cultural heritage of cookie-chin-Mizo groups and various ethnic communities of the state. The Kut Festival has gradually developed into a way of creating peace, communal harmony, friendship, and new relations.

The Kut autumn harvest festival

Chapchar Kut

Mizoram: hidden gems of the northeast

At the end of February, when the winter falls, Mizos prepare the ground for fresh planting. There are some days of relaxation before the serious sowing business starts, and this is the time when Chapar Kut festival is celebrated with joy and enthusiasm.

Vasant festival, this is the most important festival and is celebrated regularly in Mizoram during the first week of March. On this day people of all ages, young and old, men and women are wearing their colorful costumes and distinctive headgear and ornaments, collect various folk dances and perform, singing traditional songs with drums, gongs, and cymbals.

They dance in the blissful celebration of life, each team performs best in its field. These are usually group dances, many of which are Bionomics and weaving. Some dance performs strictly martial dance by strong viral warriors with their arms and trophies.

A dance perennial is popular, Chero or “Bamboo dance” which is known as long bamboo for this dance. This is Mizos’ most colorful and distinctive dance that requires skill and a warning brain. The other main dance performed during the gullet is open, open, chihalam, chai and mangalakai.

“Khul Lam” is an auspicious dance which celebrates a new beginning by a group of dancers. It is also a welcome dance for the guests during the community festival.


In order to achieve the status of discrimination, Mizo had to undergo a series of ceremonies and had to work many heroic deeds. These ceremonies are always accompanied by a festival and for this festival, friends of nearby villages are invited – therefore, there is a dance for open-ended visitors or guests.

“Chhe lam” is another network move performed by the two people. The war move “Solakia” is a benefit of the male populace of the network, with the cadenced beat of the drum, with the deal and offer of indigenous handloom and other vacation spots like handiworks items and bloom appears, nourishment celebrations, music rivalry. Various traditional games are also organized during the Chapar Kut festival.

Mizoram, the hidden gem of northeast India, comes to see the wonderful culture and tradition of Mizos, to participate in the Chapar Kut Festival.

How to reach Chapchar Kut

By Air: 1-hour drive from Angol, Langkawi Airport is well connected to Air from Kolkata, Guwahati, and Imphal. By rail: Nearest railhead is Silchar in Assam, which is about 6 o’clock from Aizawl, Maxi Cabs is available from Zarkat, Azeol.

From the road: NH-54 connects the rest of the country with silk through Silchar. Buses and cabs are available from Silchar to Azolla (6-8). Night services are also available. Aisoll can also be reached from the road from Shillong and Guwahati.

Delhi Mizo Kut

Miami Coot Festival Nagaland

Mim kut Mahotsav is a festival celebrated in Nagaland, North-East India and other parts of Mizoram. The festival is celebrated and honored by Koki Nagas. It is one of Nagaland’s many popular festivals.

The festival is bizarre and the key is the key to the Kuki tribe. It expresses happiness and triumphs over the mill (maize) crop, which is the last harvest crop for the season. The festival celebrates the harvest of maize in particular.

Cookie people strongly believe that the spirits of their dead ancestors emerge from their graves and go to their family’s homes. People pay homage to dead souls as wine, which is naturally prepared from rice at every home.

Other offerings include bread made from fresh vegetables, corn, corn, and handmade symbolic ornaments. Dead spirits are also worshiped by the villagers. Most of Naga’s festivals, such as the Mim Kut festival, include traditional singing, dance, playing musical instruments and pride of culture.

The North East of India

History of the festival

Miami Coot Festival celebrates the annual crop of Maize Crop (MIM). In relation to the origins of the festival, the “Mim” cookie is related to the story.

The original story explores the love and bondage of two brothers when their mother abandoned them. Landau and his younger brother shared a piece of mummy when their stomach was made of appetite.

It was a mistake that they got through these difficult times, brought them closer and taught them, love. Meki Cookie is the last crop of the year in society. People call their dead ancestors and pay their respect on this day.

They provide tokens of corn, jewelry, clothes, bread, and rice alcohol. Half of the crop is dedicated to dead spirits. To do this is customary but not really mandatory.

The souls of ancestors who have passed this are considered to return to their home during the festival. The festival has received wide recognition from the State and Tourism Department.

Festival duration of Chapchar Kut

After harvesting, the festival is celebrated in the second half of December. It is celebrated every year. The celebration is celebrated for almost two holidays.

Chapchar Kut Festival

Highlights of the festival / important ritual

  • Cookie people organize a celebration to honor the old traditions of this important cookie festival.
    They pay homage to the spirits of their dead ancestors.
  • Along with religious villages, extraordinary dance performances performed by various cultural groups of different villages have been performed and signed. Large traditional drums, longhorn, and other traditional appliances are used to produce harmonious cacophonous music.
  • Mimcot State festivals allow people to join the joy and celebration of the cookie society.
  • Cookie people display their ethnic culture through artwork, which represents their roots.
  • There are many games, concerts, fashion shows, talent hunt, voice hunting, and other fun competition and activities with music rock concert, food stalls, fairs, and games.

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