Best Merry Christmas in Vienna Markets 2018

Best Merry Christmas in Vienna Markets 2018

Celebrate Merry Christmas in Vienna 2018

Shake the snow from your shoes, put a log on the fire and share a hot drink with me because we search for a pleasant Christmas place, sounds, tastes, and traditions in Vienna. Some travel and shopping tips are also not mentioned.

Christmas Markets

Our first stop is the Christmas market. They attract millions of visitors every year, and for one reason. They are just great. Forget for a moment the bustle of modern life and stress and travel back in an ordinary age (though with the smartphone).

Breathe the fragrance of frying sausage, the fragrance of Toffee apple sweet and countless aromatic candles. Breathe yourself in the desires of steam from one mug of mold wine.

Fill your eyes with soft lights and shiny performances of artists, cooks, and shopkeepers. Then eat, drink and enjoy normally as a reindeer in the carrot grounds.

The markets start appearing in mid-November. For general information, visit the main market page or follow the link below for top places. And if you want local guides as you go around, try four biking tours * which operates on Sunday on Thursday.

Christmas Markets in Vienna

Largest Christkind Mark on RathausPlats (largest)

  • Spittelberg
  • Karlsplatz
  • Freyung
  • Schönbrunn (in front of the castle!)
  • M Hoff
  • Maria-Theresien-Platz
  • Belvedere (best photo op)
  • Stephansplatz
  • Altes AKH
  • Wintermarkt

Christmas Lights

All the main shopping streets have been placed on Christmas displays and, of course, many big stores and hotels do this too. In the case of shapes and colors, it is usually big on dirty and dirty and classic white, red and buck, often with the touch of throwing “alternative”. Enjoy some photos and see where the best lights on this Vienna Christmas lights guide.

Events and Activities

Many museums, palaces, and other attractions are open during the Christmas period, but some seasonal sights and sounds are also to enjoy:

Around the Rathaus

Rathaus is the traditional additional choir and brass band around the Christmas market.

Last year, from 1 December to 23 December, the bands around the center of the Christmas tree were played from 8 a.m. to 8.30 hrs.

The choir sang himself in the festal (main hall) of Rathaus (City Hall) and came from all over the world. From 1 December to 24 December there was a Friday, weekend and public holiday in the afternoon.

Admission was the next center of Rathaus. You can also find the singers singing the most (all?) Days at 6 o’clock on a stage within the Christmas market.

Advent Concerts

My complete article is with Christmas concert tips. These include “Music in Vienna” concert in Konzerthaus, a special performance in the main concert hall, and atmospheric arrival concert in the city center churches and cathedral.

Europe's Best Christmas Markets 2018

Ice Skating and Alternative Markets

If you want to wander through the crisp Viennese wind and twist, then the Vienna Ice Skating Association is in place. They have a large outdoor ice rink next to the concert house that opens from the morning. Details here. Christchindmark also has ice skating.

The Museum Quarter has an annual winter event, which is an optional artistic counterpoint for the traditional Christmas market. The main features are the decorative lighting display and concept art pavilion.

Local traditions

Since Vienna has become more multicultural and versatile, it is difficult to talk about Christmas traditions. But “Traditionally”, the big moment of celebration is actually Christmas Eve (Helgeenbend) and not just Christmas Day.

Occasionally at 24 o’clock in the afternoon, an easy relative (grandparents are most useful here) distracts the children under the park, while parents prepare to decorate the Christmas tree. When everything is ready, they ring a tilt bell that declares that Christkind is there.

Christkind is bringing traditional gifts, which appears as a child of Jesus or a fairy, often depicted with golden locks and mandatory wings. The bell rings, the children enter the room and wonder at the magical transformation. Or just make a draw for gifts.

Essentially, commercial interests have tampered with the effect of retailer-rude Kristin and, pushing for more sleeping and Santa – you can read that fight here.

There is also a growing trend of keeping the tree first. Especially since modern children are less easily assured from Christmas magic stories.

On the evening of late afternoon or evening, the family is assembled for Christmas festivals including carol singing, a hearty meal (see below) and exchange of gifts and greetings.

Christmas Day is often used to go to other parts of the family, it is better than exertion, or if you live in an Anglo-Austrian home like me, celebrate Christmas again in Britain (more food, A completely inappropriate pair of socks for more gift, more compelling expressions of gratitude).

Christmas in Vienna 2018

Food and Drink

In Vienna, there is a traditional Christmas food carp, which is often fried in breadcrumbs. It is fasting time before fasting by Christian thought (It is difficult to believe these days). In the absence of meat, there were fish baking highlights, especially for such an important meal as Heligenbend.

However, Carp has lost its widespread appeal as a traditional Christmas dish: roasted poultry and pork are the popular choices and Turkey tradition is increasing in the influence of Anglo-American cultural influences.

(We have a taste of meat because it takes some time to eat, so we are all together around the table for a long time. This is a good or bad thing, which is inviting.)

Arrival period There is also an excuse for breaking and baking the rolling pin, some baked foods appear only for the duration of Christmas. More popular are:

Lebkuchen – similar to gingerbread, is sold in various shapes and sizes for food or seen as hard-baked decorative shapes, which they may avoid from the nuclear holocaust.

  • Stollen – A cross between fruit bread and fruit cake
  • Weihnachtskekse – Christmas biscuit is one of which seems to be the unseen variety
  • Spekulatius – a spicy biscuit

As soon as you wander on the streets of Vienna in winter, you will also find Marionistand who sells roast chestnuts. These are included in the old-style flares of Christmas markets, as well as many who sell Christmas punch.

Christmas Weather

In fact, the possibility of snowfall on Christmas Day has appeared here. Do not hope though. And pack Christmas socks that you had met in the past Christmas, but never got the courage to wear it. Here are the statistics for December 2017:

  • Average air temperature: 3 degrees Celsius (37.4 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Highest air temperature: 14.8 degrees Celsius (58.6 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • The lowest air temperature: -4.8 degrees Celsius (23.4 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • The day when the temperature fell below zero: 12

Christmas is a magical time of year

Shopping Tips

There are 25th and 26th public holidays, so almost all the stores are closed in those days. Even those who open normally on Sundays and vacations can also be closed (see here for general information at the earliest times in Vienna).

There is no 24th public holiday, but many (mostly) shops are closed soon to give employees the opportunity to go for Heligenbend’s preparation and travel.

The supermarket is open from 2 a.m. to 4 p.m. so that you can forget the cranberry sauce, or if you are worried, then 25kg chocolate is still not enough to keep the happiness of adolescents happy.

Here are Some Good Tips for Seasonal Purchases:

The seasonal behaviors described earlier make good small gifts. Tip: Stay in Better Travel with Lebkuchen Biscuits and Stolons

More and more Christmas markets serve their punch in a collectible mug (for which you pay the deposit). If you do not make any difference in losing your deposit, you can keep mugs and they make quite a memento

Market Treasures are a treasure trove of ideas. Candles are everywhere, as well as hats, bags, scarves and other fashion accessories, glass, wood, leather and earthenware, jam, honey, alcohol, schnapps (many schnapps), various forms of art and many There is a problem in finding unsure things you will find elsewhere. Carlsplats and M Hof Market are a hot tip here because they have another handicraft and artistic Slunt

If you want to stock only on the original, traditional Austrian style decorations, do not buy them from Christmas markets. In most department stores sells “standard” decoration in the Christmas section, which is much less than markets

Public transport

Trains, buses, and trams normally run during the Christmas period, but with a little timetable in selected days. For full details, see Christmas travel articles.

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