What is Narak Chaturdashi festival in India? Killing of All Wrongs

What is Narak Chaturdashi festival in India? Killing of All Wrongs

Naraka Chaturdashi – Killing of All Wrongs

In this Week’s Spell, The Sadhu Saw The Mythology Behind Naraka Chaturdasi When Krishna killed Naruto Naraka and Told How it is Relevant For us Even Today.

Diwali is also known as Naraka Chaturdasi because Naraka requested that anniversary of his death should be celebrated. Many people only feel their boundaries at the moment of death. If they feel now, then life can be improved. But most people wait till the last moment.


Narak Chaturdashi is one of them. At the time of his death, he suddenly realized how he wasted his life and what he was doing with it.

Happy Naraka Chaturdashi

Therefore, he requested Krishna, “Today you are not only killing me but whatever mistakes I have made – this festival should be celebrated.”

Therefore, you should celebrate the killing of Naraka’s mistakes, you must celebrate the killing of all the mistakes within you. That happens when the real Diwali happens. Otherwise, this is just a lot of expenses, oil, and crackers.

Narak Chaturdashi came from a good background. Legend says that he was Vishnu’s son. But that happened when Vishnu took the form of the wild boar, so he had some trends. Apart from this, Naraka became friends with Murra, who later became his general.

Together he fought many battles and killed thousands of people. Krishna first killed Murra because both of them were together, there was no way to deal with Narak Chaturdashi.

Krishna’s name is the reason for Murari that he killed Murray. In mythology, Murray was called magic in the war, who made him in such a way that no one can stand against him. Once Murra was removed, Narak Chaturdashi was more at a ceremony.

Narak Chaturdashi was killed because Krishna saw that if you let him live, he would continue the same way. But if you bring him closer to death, he is able to feel. Suddenly he realized that he unnecessarily gathered a lot of dirty stuff.

Everyone should know this, so all of them will be gathered The death of negativity should be celebrated because it has given me a new light and it should be brought to light for everyone. “So it became a festival of lights.

The whole country goes into the light on this day, so you should have all your things burned. Now it is good to do this. For Naraka, Krishna told him, “I am going to kill you.” But no one can tell you for it – it can be.

Festival of Naraka Chaturdashi


This happened in Tennessee. A woman went to a gun shop. It is quite common for people to buy new guns from time to time in Tennessee. Then she went to the gun shop and said, “I want a revolver and some pills for my husband.” The shopkeeper asked, “Which brand would he like?”

When life receives you, then it can not tell you. This is why Diwali is a reminder that instead of waiting for someone to awaken you can die a conscious death and be aware of birth.

We do not know whether a man, woman, bacteria, virus or your own cells will shoot you. Someone will get us Make good use of the desire to remind of hell, “I could have made myself something, but I gathered bad things and became like this.”

We are all made of the same stuff but see how different each person is. The only question is what are you collecting every day? Are you gathering poison and building yourself or will you create the fragrance of the divine within yourself? I like it.

This legend is good about Narak Chaturdashi birth but bad is important. At the moment of death, Narak realized, the only difference between Krishna and Krishna was that everyone did it by himself. Krishna made himself a god, whereas Narak made himself a demon. Each of us has this option.

If we had no choice, then what is the use of those who created themselves in bright examples? This is not because a person is lucky or they were born like this. It takes a lot of knees and breaks to make itself in a certain way.

Either you wait for life to wait or you stick yourself in shape – this is the option. That is a big difference. Worship is done as a god, the other is inserted like a monster – it is everything. Either you beat yourself in shape or life, one day will make you out of shape or out of shape, whatever. Diwali is a reminder of this. Let’s lighten it up.

Naraka Chaturdashi Hindi Quotes


Naraka Chaturdasi: Significance & Origin

Narak Chaturdashi Diwali is a famous festival, but have you ever heard about Naraka Chaturdi? Talking about this occasion,

what I have asked about Diwali is that there is a festival of Narak Chaturdashi Chaturdy which is celebrated every year from Diwali one day earlier. The exact date of Naraka Chaturdashi varies according to the date of all the festivals of India.

This is Also Known as The Choti or Smaller Diwali

The Significance of Naraka Chaturdasi

On this day, the king of Narsasur is celebrated to remember the victory of Lord Krishna. The mythology behind such a story goes that Narkusur was a cruel king.

He defeated the Gods and imprisoned sixteen thousand women. He did this because he was told that only one woman could kill him. They also stole the earrings of Aditi (mother of the Gods). Gods decided that they should inform Lord Krishna about the atrocities of Narkasur.

King Indra of the gods himself went to Lord Krishna with the request to kill Narqasur. When Lord Krishna came to know what Narakasur was doing.

They decided to challenge them in the war. Lord Krishna said to come from his wife Satyabhama. Satyabhama was the embodiment of Bhudevi (Goddess of the Earth). Satyabhama agreed and joined her husband voluntarily because she had to play an important role in this fierce battle.

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Lord of Garuda Narak Chaturdashi

Lord Krishna was sitting on his huge eagle named Guard for this war. When he contacted Narkusur’s palace, he realized that it was protected by magic. There was a mountain range that used to protect the palace of Naraku.

Lord Krishna scattered the entire mountain range and made the way for Narakshur’s palace. Before entering the castle of Narkasur there were many more mysterious obstacles to break Lord Krishna.

The last challenge for Lord Krishna was a monster named Murai who had protected Narakshur’s palace. Lord Krishna used all his weapons but did not do any work on Murra. In the end, he used his extremely powerful Sudarshan Chakra and killed Murra.

The Killing of Narakasura

Mura came out to fight with Lord Krishna after the death of Narkasur. Lord Krishna had become a little weak with all the battles fought for so long. Fearing Narcasura, he became unconscious.

When Satyabhama saw this, she took the place of Lord Krishna and killed Mercosur. This was because Narkasur boasted that only one woman could kill him. All the women detained by the ruthless king were freed.

Lord Krishna appointed Narsasur’s son on the throne. Narakasura’s son was a devotee of Lord Krishna. In his death, Narkasur requested Lord Krishna and his wife to forgive them.

Both decided to forgive Larkspur and blessed them that their death would always be remembered and celebrated. This is exactly what happened. Even today, today it is celebrated as Naraka Chaturdasi.

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How is Naraka Chaturdashi Celebrated?

Now when you know the importance of Naraka Chaturdashi, then we will discuss how it is celebrated. This story related to Naraka Chaturdashi is actually a very interesting one.

When Lord Krishna and his wife Satyabhama returned after the assassination of Narakasur, they were given a royal bath to clean their body of blood stains of monsters. That is why you will see that bath is given so much importance on Naraka Chaturdashi.

Even today even men and women wake up in the morning of Naraka Chaturdashi. They take a bath in the oil. It is a tradition that was followed in religiously in the old days. Today people just like to take a bath. In some parts of the country, people put a paste on their body before bathing.

Before Naraka Chaturdasi, the utensils are decorated on the night and marigold goods have been kept on them. Mango leaves are also filled with water in utensils.

This water is heated in the morning and used for bathing. You have to make sure that you take this bath before the sun rises. After bathing, usually, wear new clothes to mark this occasion. The colorful Rangoli are made in front of the house.

Pooja is done in every house. Most of Lord Krishna is worshiped, it is a symbol of the head of Narakasura, who was killed on this day of Naraka Chaturdasi for killing the demon.

Pooja after being distributed to the sweet family members and for those participating in worship in the form of offerings. Snakes and other snacks like Snacks are also made.

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Evening Program Narak Chaturdashi

People go to friends and family homes in the evening. Lamps are also kept in the entire house in the evening. In West Bengal, fourteen lamps have been planted across the house on Narak Chaturdashi.

In many parts of the country, Narak Chaturdashi is also called Top Diwali. All these celebrations paved the way for a more grand festival of Diwali the next day.

This festival is celebrated in all the states of India. There are different names and different festivals for Naraka Chaturdasi. However, the essence of Naraka Chaturdashi remains the same.

In West Bengal, it is celebrated as a Kali Puja.

After bathing, people in Maharashtra state put a paste on their body before bathing. This gram is made of flour and aromatic powder. This is necessary on Naraka Chaturdashi.

In South India, people have been disinfected on the forehead before being discharged by Kumkum and oil. This symbolizes the head of Narkasur, killed on this day of Marcus Chaturdashi; South people often used sandalwood paste to shave their bodies before bathing.

In the North, The Celebrations Are Celebrated as We Mentioned Earlier in The Article.

Festivals are special, but if you know the importance of festivals, they become more important and special. Naraka Chaturdasi is a major festival for Hindus. To make sure that you try to follow the points mentioned in this article how exactly Narak Chaturdashi should be celebrated.

This will help you to ensure that there are peace and prosperity in the house. The numbers we have made to celebrate Naraka Chaturdasi are simple and can be easily followed. This year, a great peak is Diwali or Naraka Chaturdasi!

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